Wagner Live Episode 109:

The Future Outlook For Small Businesses in The New Normal.

About this episode.

The new normal, which is a result of the pandemic’s effect on the market and economic instability, didn’t come with an instruction manual. Expert analysts and economists have been hesitant to commit to providing any forecasting data.

In this episode, we discuss the current state of affairs for small businesses throughout the U.S. and how they have been managing despite mandated lockdowns and restrictions.

About the guest.

Thomas Sullivan is Vice President, Small Business Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Working with chambers of commerce and the U.S. Chamber’s nationwide network, Sullivan harnesses the views of small businesses and translates that grassroots power into federal policies that bolster free enterprise and reward entrepreneurship.

Sullivan served under President George W. Bush as the highest-ranking government official charged with exclusively advocating the views and needs of small businesses before government agencies and Congress.

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