Wagner Live Episode 105:

The Art of Client Service

About this episode.

In this episode, we are rejoined by Robert Solomon who makes his second appearance on our podcast. Together we discuss what’s trending in business and marketing and where the advertising industry is going today.

About the guest.

Robert Solomon is the world’s leading authority on how to improve creative work by forging and sustaining trust-based relationships with clients and is the author of the classic guide, The Art of Client Service, re-issued by John Wiley & Sons as a substantially revised third edition.

Robert runs Solomon Strategic, a firm he founded to provide marketing counsel to advertising agencies, client companies, and individual marketing professionals. Trained as a direct marketer who embraced digital early on, Robert is known for his expertise as a brand strategist and new business developer. He is an expert speaker and workshop leader who also is certified as an organizational and executive coach, particularly skilled in job searches.

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