Top 5 Reasons for a Restaurant Rebrand

Introduction. What brings customers into your restaurant? It could be the sign you have over the door, the attractive décor inside, the menu listed on your website, online reviews, and recommendations, or even the delicious aroma wafting from your restaurant and down the street. And all of those things are part of restaurant branding… Well, […]

The Strategic Advantage of Local Banks

Introduction. George Bailey was not the only banker who cared deeply about his community. Over time, America traded It’s a Wonderful Life for “too big to fail.” Fortunately, local banks are experiencing a renaissance right now. After the Wells Fargo fake account scandal, Libor rigging, and Deutsche Bank’s involvement in almost every negative news story […]

The Demystification of the Wagner Conversion Marketing Matrix

Introduction. As the marketing landscape has evolved over the years, so have the expectations for more quantifiable success metrics. Considering that marketing is the precursor to sales, it’s no surprise that measuring advertising reach, impressions, and brand/product awareness, are no longer satisfactory results in the justification of return on investment. The swift journey through the […]

The Top Tips for Marketing Your Travel Resort

If you have a brand, chances are you are part of the tidal wave of noise an average American tries to fight constantly. Research puts a number on this – a whopping 10,000 brand messages a day. That is a lot of clutter eating up a person’s time, fatiguing their decision-making skills, getting them so overwhelmed that […]

How to Avoid Online Reputation Scams

Emphasis on the good. Unfortunately, as complex as the online business has become, even the quest for good web integrity is plagued with a few scammy situations. Here’s how to spot the latest trends in these and how to avoid the nasty consequences of accidentally running across them.

Form vs. Function: Does Your Work Environment Reflect Your Brand?

Marketing managers are by no stretch of the imagination interior decorators, but it bears mention that first impressions count with your customers and prospective customers. Do your decorating scheme and floor plan reflect your brand? How can you reinforce your brand through the choices you make? From the executive offices to conference rooms to your personal space, design matters and is a reflection of your company.