Account Planning
and Strategy.

Without a plan, it's just guesswork.

By failing to prepare,
you are preparing to fail.

-Benjamin Franklin

What is account planning?

It's what makes our work, work.

In life, there are few things that can be accomplished with any level of success without a plan. We see account planning or strategic account planning as the process of solving a challenge or a problem with the use of research-driven insight and the guidance of performance metrics.

The job of our account planners is to put consumers at the center of the communications process and figure out what, when, and how the brand needs to communicate so that its intended audience will pay attention to the message and take action.

How we approach account planning.

If you search for account planning or strategic planning, there will likely be numerous links to varying methods used by agencies and brands. However, the desired outcome is most likely in sync with one another.

Account planning always begins with a clear problem that needs a solution. Research is typically the next step but this is usually where the differences begin to appear. The type of research data and how much is required are just a couple of factors considered. In our case, we start with a proprietary workshop called Lab360°™. Here we take our client’s stakeholders through a collaborative session to uncover the true DNA of the brand and more insight to help support our efforts in arriving at a solution we can implement.

The Consumer Experience Model™ is one of the proprietary methodologies we created and implement to better visualize exactly what the audience we want to communicate with is like. We uncover many layers until we’ve narrowed the audience down to a unique microsegment. Following this, we take all of the insight and begin putting the pieces together (as if it were a puzzle of sorts) of what later becomes the master strategy that becomes the foundation for all advertising and marketing we execute.

We've combined social marketing with marketing activation.

That's how social activation marketing was born.

Social Activation Marketing attempts to change consumer behavior for their benefit or of society as a whole as opposed to the marketer. This is followed by actively and emotionally bringing the brand message to life across multiple touch-points in order to attract the right person at the right moment.

The process we follow when using this methodology is as follows: