Why us?

Here's the answer.

We don't need to be in advertising and marketing.

We want to be.

What does that mean?

Before considering the formation of The Wagner Agency, we took into consideration that there are nearly fourteen thousand advertising agencies throughout the United States alone.

Can you imagine?

Who needs that many advertising agencies or marketing agencies?

Most of them seem to overpromise and underdeliver or are filled with “yes” types and “order-takers” ready to do whatever they believe will please their clients. Other agencies do the “bait and switch.” The big players come to the pitch to impress you and once they are awarded the business, a bunch of recent college graduates with no real-world experience is assigned to your account with little to no support. How do we know this? We’ve briefly worked at some of those agency examples before.

There are nearly fourteen thousand advertising agencies throughout the United States alone.

The notion of adding one more agency to the industry was not what inspired us to form this agency. When working with startups still formulating their ideas, we always advise them to build companies that solve important problems for which a great solution is not yet available and help make the world a better place at the same time. So, we took our own advice and carefully observed what was missing in the industry and causing clients to distrust agencies. We started with tearing up the old ad agency playbook and this is what we came up with:

Our decades of experience taught us that today’s client requires more than a creative and strategic agency, focused on the final delivery of a project. With growing competition in practically every industry, clients need an agency that they can trust enough to operate as their business consulting partner.

It’s not enough for an agency to provide analytics and results solely from their dashboards and call it a day. Real conversions occur when a lead demonstrates closing potential, and they ultimately grow into a loyal customer to our clients and brand advocates to the public.

Anyone can service manage an account.

We get involved in the entire operation.

Are we creative and innovative? Of course, we are.

Do we have experience planning, purchasing, and managing all types of media? Absolutely.

What makes our agency stand out is its dedication to “getting it right” every time. A great building requires a strong foundation. That’s why considerable time and planning go into the start of everything we do. 

Some frequently asked questions.

Could you benefit from an agency like ours?

Let's discuss your current goals and objectives and discover how to best support your needs.

Us Versus The Others

If you read a bit about our story at the top of this page, then you already understand that we didn’t start this agency to be like every other agency out there.

We knew that several important areas were being poorly managed or abandoned altogether in our industry. So we set out to create a different type of agency and we challenge you to find another that compares and is superior to ours “apples to apples.”

The Wagner Agency

The President and upper management are always involved. We never pass anything down because everyone who works here came with at least 5-10 years prior experience.

$1K is our monthly minimum.

Right above this section you will find some detailed information on qhat to expect from the AOR relationship with us and a list of some of the many benefits. Among the list our AOR clients receive greater billing consistency for their budget, fewer unplanned surprises, and fewer estimates to quote and get approved.

We loosely base our monthly retainers and out-of-scope projects on an estimated number of hours that will be used for the monthly work or project. Our blended hourly rate is a competitive $150 per hour. However, our pricing is mostly value-based as opposed to pre-paid hours like other agencies. Our fees represent the experience and value we deliver balanced with an estimation of hours. This is because our clients selected us because they recognize the value that brings and the decades of experience we have. It's difficult to put a price on that. If a company is simply searching for the cheapest option out there, we're happy to refer them to those agencies.

For us, it's generally not a consideration we make because of jamming up our production which affects our long-term clients, and because we do our best work when we are deeply involved in our clients' businesses and are working toward long-term visions. It's never about the money for us.

As a practice and matter of policy, we do not believe in selling hours to our clients. In fact, we are not salespeople. Our job is to provide solutions that are measurable and result in business growth.

That means that TWA staff members do not have to track time or complete timesheets. As a result, the team is working on doing the best work they can without having to look at the clock and stop before they feel it's suitable for client presentation.

There are certainly pros and cons to this practice. The pros for our clients are clear and the cons for us are related to how risk-averse we are to the potential of being in the red if we're not careful. Since we don't produce change orders, our solution is to speak with our clients about the increase in hours if it becomes a steady trend upward. Then we discuss the matter and mutually agree to an increased retainer amount that is equitable. And should the increase be temporary, we are not opposed to returning to the previous amount.

With us it's simple. If you're our client at any financial level, you're automatically a priority. We will answer your calls, texts, emails, at any time. Full stop.

Secondary data research, analysis, and insight are included in your retainer. Only primary research studies require cost estimates.

The Others

The owners and upper management are most visible when you are a prospect or a new client. Afterward, your account is passed on to a less experienced team all the way down to a mix of interns and recent college grads depending on your budget.

Comparable agencies with our size and experience won't take your business unless you agree to a monthly retainer of at least $15K-$20K.

Within those monthly retainers, those agencies will only include account and project management, ad budget control, meetings/calls/emails, monthly reporting of analytics, project statuses, and wins. Anything else requires a separate cost estimate which is discounted for retainer clients.

The monthly retainer is based on an assumed amount of billable hours to be used in any given month. Some agencies will present different hourly rates depending on the employee and others will do what is called a "blended rate" which is an agency average of all the individual billable rates.

Many comparable agency competitors will not even consider one-offs or project-based clients. Partly because of revenue/profit as well as the fact that these short-term projects are usually not well thought out by the clients and jam up production for the other retainer clients who pay more and have long-term goals and objectives. So that's not fair to them.

If the client is approaching their allotment of hours for any given month and that retainer is reaching its end before the month is up, the agency will contact the client to see if they wish to purchase more hours. However, we hear often that many agencies will just bill their clients the overage in hours as a "surprise" change order. Obviously, this produces an unwelcomed client response.

Most recently it has become common practice for agencies to provide cell phone numbers for after-hours communications when previously this was not a consideration. However, your ability to reach someone after normal business hours has to do with how much of a priority you are at the agency (usually factored by what you spend) and whether or not you are looking to speak to a senior management person. If you reach someone that will take your call, it will likely be that 24-25 year old that's new to the agency. Unless you're spending at least $1M annually with that agency, you can forget being able to reach anyone more senior.

Other agencies will set up some Google Alerts and do very basic "research" on your industry and competitive threats unless you pay extra for those services.