Why us?

Here's the answer.

We don't need to be in advertising and marketing.

We want to be.

What does that mean?

Before considering the formation of The Wagner Agency, we took into consideration that there are nearly fourteen thousand advertising agencies throughout the United States alone.

Can you imagine?

Who needs that many advertising agencies or marketing agencies?

Most of them seem to overpromise and underdeliver or are filled with “yes” types and “order-takers” ready to do whatever they believe will please their clients. Other agencies do the “bait and switch.” The big players come to the pitch to impress you and once they are awarded the business, a bunch of recent college graduates with no real-world experience is assigned to your account with little to no support. How do we know this? We’ve briefly worked at some of those agency examples before.

There are nearly fourteen thousand advertising agencies throughout the United States alone.

The notion of adding one more agency to the industry was not what inspired us to form this agency. When working with startups still formulating their ideas, we always advise them to build companies that solve important problems for which a great solution is not yet available and help make the world a better place at the same time. So, we took our own advice and carefully observed what was missing in the industry and causing clients to distrust agencies. We started with tearing up the old ad agency playbook and this is what we came up with:

Our decades of experience taught us that today’s client requires more than a creative and strategic agency, focused on the final delivery of a project. With growing competition in practically every industry, clients need an agency that they can trust enough to operate as their business consulting partner.

It’s not enough for an agency to provide analytics and results solely from their dashboards and call it a day. Real conversions occur when a lead demonstrates closing potential, and they ultimately grow into a loyal customer to our clients and brand advocates to the public.

Anyone can service manage an account.

We get involved in the entire operation.

Are we creative and innovative? Of course, we are.

Do we have experience planning, purchasing, and managing all types of media? Absolutely.

What makes our agency stand out is its dedication to “getting it right” every time. A great building requires a strong foundation. That’s why considerable time and planning go into the start of everything we do. 

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Us Versus The Others

If you read a bit about our story at the top of this page, then you already understand that we didn’t start this agency to be like every other agency out there.

We knew that several important areas were being poorly managed or abandoned altogether in our industry. So we set out to create a different type of agency and we challenge you to find another that compares and is superior to ours “apples to apples.”

The Wagner Agency

The Others