Built on trust. Without boundaries.

Where we work has a lot to do with how we work.

We traded Herman Miller chairs and vintage arcade games for great talent.

Our agency culture was not an accident. From day one, we were very deliberate about creating the type of advertising agency that was missing.

In the spirit of companies such as Automattic, Buffer, GitLab, Zapier, and numerous others, we first offered telework and work-from-home options to our team back in 2019, before the pandemic. It was a huge success right from the start, especially with the working parents on our team, many of whom had two-hour commutes to and from the office. In addition to witnessing a drastic improvement in productivity, we noticed a huge lift in our team’s positive sentiment. By having the flexibility to blend their personal and business lives they were not forced into having to consider placing their careers on pause as they would have elsewhere. We also expanded our talent recruitment to the entire globe so that we could hire the best people without being limited to our local market and requiring the expense and inconvenience of their relocation.

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Thanks to our expertise in technology and having access to the best cloud-based tools, we have been able to protect the health of our team by not requiring them to work at our Downtown Orlando office while maintaining productivity. To help other businesses that were learning how to manage a remote team for the first time, our president, Wágner dos Santos, who is a contributing writer for the Orlando Business Journal, wrote a quick piece entitled Coronavirus: 5 tips on how businesses can set up a plan for working from home.

Our headquarters are in Orlando with additional offices in different cities around the globe. But don’t expect an office that looks more like a playground than a workspace. It is our reputation for excellence and a fascinating collection of clients that makes us an employer of choice in our industry. Our team also enjoys unlimited paid time off, competitive benefits such as free healthcare, and no timesheets or time tracking.

Here, trust replaces micromanagement.

We hire well. We employ adults. By demonstrating trust and giving our team freedom gets paid back two-fold and is at the core of our agency’s story.

Our headquarters is rich with history.

The Angebilt Building, where our Orlando headquarters is located, was built nearly a century ago by Joseph F. Ange and designed by Murray King. March 14, 1923, was the grand opening for what became a luxurious hotel favored by northern travelers, Angebilt Hotel. After many transformations, the building eventually converted into office spaces.

Today we maintain a smaller footprint in the building since our team mostly works remotely. It makes us enjoy it more when we get together for collaboration sessions, video production, internal meetings, and client meetings.