Media Neutrality.

We start with a clean sheet and no media bias

What is media neutrality?

Why is it important?

Being media neutral or agnostic means that an idea is independent of the media in which it gets placed. When we are met with your challenges to solve, all of our agency resources are considered without bias. We will evaluate everything from engagement marketing to digital media and terrestrial media to over-the-top (OTT) and streaming audio advertising. In some instances, grassroots efforts and public events are part of the consideration. Everything is explored and given equal weight.

Why is this important? Well, it’s a matter of business economics. Many advertising and marketing agencies typically have one or more departments that are larger than others. That means more payroll expenses for that group over another so generating ROI with those teams is a priority for the agency. Sadly, that often means that those agencies will undoubtedly add the services provided by that group to any client challenge they work on. But what if that department and its services are not what the client needs? You get the picture.

Our agency is evenly balanced so that this scenario never happens. We can always start with a brand new canvas with every client and develop strategies that prioritize their goals and objectives over our business revenue.

Be weary of any agency that does not practice media neutrality.

What do others have to say on the matter?

An interview with Erich Wasserman, co-founder of MediaMath.

As part of an Ad Video News segment, Erich discusses how media neutrality applies when making the best decisions for the client with programmatic media.

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